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—from our kitchen—

Executive Chef Chris Masey

Bits & bites

The Onion Soup ~ (many onions, less French) beer pulled short rib, 3 onion, beef consommé, aged provolone, crostini, tobacco onions.


Funghi Fresh ~ Roasted portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper pesto, silver dollar mushrooms, melted provolone, shaved aged provolone, balsamic redux, wilted greens.


A Plat'o Calamari ~ Flash-fried calamari, honey balsamic, peppadew peppers, feta, arugula.


Sona 13 Wings ~ Baker's dozen (13) or half (6) of house-brined crispy chicken wings.  Choice of sauce.


Chicken Thumbs ~ Crisp Buffalo tossed boneless chicken & lattice chips, gorgonzola & bleu cheese.


U-Do-U Fondue ~ Pretzel nuggets, sliced apples, signature beer cheese dip.


Sausage Party ~ Wild boar shiraz, Mexican chorizo, venison, Cabot cheddar, cream havarti, port wine cheddar, water crackers.


Dip-Low ~ Low roasted garlic and white bean dip, crudité, crostini.


Pigs in Zen ~ 2 bacon-wrapped mini pork shanks, hoisin raspberry chipotle lacquer, Asian slaw.


Craft Mac-N-Cheese** ~ Chef's award winning blend of 6 artisan cheeses, rotini, prosciutto*, fregula, shallot, spinach, Cheeto's panko bravo.

*Available w/o prosciutto.

**Additional add-in; torn pork, short rib, or wild boar sausage.


that side hustle

House Fries ~ A pile of fried goodness.


Onion rings ~ Fried, savory, not necessarily healthy.


Tater Tots ~ And on the 13th day God created ... Tots.


Cheese Sauce ~ Beer or Mac-N-Cheese. I dip, you dip, we all dip.

Greens on the green

Protein add-ins to any salad: Chicken or Steak


Sona Signature ~ Red wine poached cinnamon pears, brown sugar sea salt almonds, gorgonzola, raspberry vinaigrette.


We Got the Beet ~ Roasted beets, goat cheese, hazelnuts, exotic greens, mandarin-Kahlua vinaigrette.


In the House* ~ Exotic greens, romaine, hot house cucumber, tomato, julienne carrot, honey balsamic.


Caesar Cardini* ~ House made Caesar, chopped romaine, garlic bread crouton, shaved pecorino.


*half portion available


Frites & fracs

Canadian Disco ~ Lattice chips, sour demi, funky cheese bits.


Sona Fortuna ~ Fries, tossed blush-scampi, chopped fresh mozzarella, arugula, basil. *Add prosciutto available.


Drunken Tots ~ Crisp tater tots, beer braised short rib, Cabot cheddar, soup onions, sour cream.



Traditional ~ House made fresh mozz, Bacia mozz, basil marinara, roasted garlic, cracked pepper.


Buffalo ~ Mild Buffalo sauce, Bacia mozz, torn chicken, fromage bleu, arugula, cilantro.


Stroganoff ~ Broken pot roast, demi-jus, Bacia mozz, roasted potato, tomato, arugula, Asiago bechamel drizzle.




*All hot dogs are 100% all natural beef


Up Dawg ~  2 dawgs served on buns straight UP.


The Old Fashioned ~ Whiskey flashed dawg, chopp'd tomato, red onion brown sugar relish, cherry, bitters.


Mac Daddy Dog ~ Applewood bacon-(w)rapp'd dawg, Chef's award-winning mac-n-cheese, bun, hun.


The Manchurian ~ 5-spice seared dawg, Manchurian sauce, hoisin mustard, Asian slaw.


Oscar's Wilde ~ A well-scripted dawg. Soup onions, soup jus, shaved provolone, tobacco onions.


Dawg du Jour ~ It's the Chef's whim. Please ask your server.




burgers & Sliders

per'Sona Burger ~ Campfire Black Angus, battered onion rings, Cabot cheddar, steak sauce, brioche.


Oy Vey Schmear ~ Dual seared burgers, port wine cheddar schmear, applewood bacon, pretzel bun.


Daddy Mac Burger ~ Black Angus, prosciutto, Cabot cheddar, Chef's award-winning mac-n-cheese, brioche.


Drunken Sliders, Gone Wild ~ Black Angus & wild boar blend.  Beer braised brown sugar cranberries, maple pepper bacon, raspberry bourbon BBQ, havarti, slider rolls.


Sona Sliders ~ Black Angus, Cabot cheddar, applewood bacon, slider rolls.


to have & to hold

Happy Maitre'd ~ Seared Texas toast, short rib, havarti, Cabot cheddar, tomato.


Cuban Piggle Back ~ Braised mojo pork, whiskey-butter panini, havarti, smoked raspberry mayo, fried new pickles, tobacco onions.


Yankee @ The Met ~ Southern braised 'yankee' pot roast, c'asian potatoes, stupid good demi-gravy, mild bechamel bleu, hoagie.


London's Calling ~ Stout marinated tender sliced London broil, caramelized onion, beer cheese fondue, hoagie (*Add mushrooms, peppers available)


Savvy San'wich ~ Balsamic marinated grilled chicken, savoy braised onions, roasted tomato, havarti, roasted garlic mayo, arugula.